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Flux Tech Solutions is one of the best computer repair and sales company in Meru town offering variety of solutions  relating to our day to day tech challenges.

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Oshun mom regarding wealth dominates this area from lifestyle; motherhood, wealth, and you may like

Oshun mom regarding wealth dominates this area from lifestyle; motherhood, wealth, and you may like

The next home the house regarding duality, balance, communications, high energy is actually Gemini ruled by the Mercury. The fresh cosmic twins of one’s Yoruba pantheon the newest Ibeji; dominate here regarding lifestyle they are ying and you will yang, positive and negative efforts existing within this all of the lifestyle.

The fresh new last domestic applies to activities surrounding your house. Maternal, protective, nurturing and you can instinctual; services control inside Cancer tumors influenced by the moonlight. These represent the features of the brand new Orisha Yemoja, Orisha of your own sea, whose ebb and you will move of one’s tides are a direct result the latest moonlight that’s an element out of the girl also.

The following domestic our home out of situation property and money was Taurus influenced from the Venus the new goddess of love; into the Yoruba pantheon Orisha of one’s rivers lakes and all of bodies away from water

Brand new fifth escort girl Mobile house Leo influenced by the sun; a property of delight relationship, people, and more than of all of the advancement in all aspects off lives. Here the fresh new lighting of the sunshine are reflectant of one’s understanding away from Orumila the brand new Orisha regarding fate exactly who consist from the top from Oludumare this new copywriter jesus of the Yoruba.

New six family Virgo a house regarding performs, wellness, and service ruled from the Mercury. Out from the Yoruba pantheon of Orisha it is Esu Orisha of your crossroads that is accountable for telecommunications in any factor away from existence between the Orisha, the fresh ancestors, child, and you will Oludumare. His arena of life lays between your spirit community therefore the matter industry. His domain is in the crossroads; in the event that sunlight moon otherwise globe crosses more into the a various zodiac cues to say a certain influence. This will be a part of Esu, working to make sure the other Orisha are able to suffice the motives. He is known as brand new divine messenger 1st Orisha when you look at the pantheon. His dictate can also be based in the third household because the well.

Brand new 7th family out of partnerships try a property regarding balance and you may harmony; a characteristic from Libra who’s influenced because of the Venus. Oshun relishes during the appeal, charm, grace, art, charm charm and subtlety. She is brand new Yoruba deity away from love.

Get one of these domain of Oshun one falls for the realm regarding love, relationship and you may matrimony

This new 8th house out of Scorpio ruled of the Pluto this might be an effective house of pure stamina. Scorpio is one of the most strong astrology signs is it one inquire that the warrior Orisha Oya, in addition to the storm deity of Yoruba reigns over it eighth domestic away from conversion, regeneration, demise, gender reincarnation, and other peoples money; inheritances and capital. She is the new hurricanes one mode toward Western coastline off Africa travelling along side Atlantic which have winds you to definitely creating from seventy in order to 2 hundred kilometers an hour, she is the fresh tornados and you can twisters that uproots woods and you can house. This woman is the only push within this nature with the element to evolve see your face of your planet from her harmful winds. It effective Orisha is also guilty of holding the brand new spirits from the newly departed toward heart industry. Inside the Nigeria it’s Oya who reigns over the market lay. In some areas of Nigeria she actually is Oya of one’s Niger River; an energy contained in this nature getting known, and you will a most solid warrior trait whenever invoked to fight to have women’s legal rights.

This new ninth household the fresh new domain regarding Sagittarius; an area away from advanced schooling, faith, viewpoints, and you may divine laws; influenced of the Jupiter the world out-of extension, progress, and you may fortune is the largest looks within space together with the sunrays. This could be the new Yoruba’s planetary counterpart off Obatala the father of your Orisha; holder of your light content, he’s this new purity and you can light on its zenith, the Orisha of understanding and you can intelligence, governing the brand new actual human body his domain is light drinks from you, the fresh new skeletal build, and mind.

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